Native American Zuni Fetish Carving - Pipestone CONTENT TURTLE - Spirit Animal-Ernie Mackel

  • $47.00

Native American Zuni Fetish Carving - 100% Authentic Zuni Fetish - Turtle carved from Pipestone with inlaid Turquoise eyes. Content Turtle carries a piece of Apple Coral carrot in mouth.

Turtle is a symbol of Mother Earth. Turtle represents self-reliance, tenacity, and longevity.

Pipestone can offer us assistance when we need to sort things out or get to the bottom of things.

Artist: Ernie Mackel

Stone: Pipestone, Turquoise, Apple Coral

Size: Approx. 1 1/2" long, 3/8" tall, 1" wide

Collector card included.

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