Zuni Fetish Carving- Fishrock LARGE SEA OTTER - Spirit Animal - Keli'i Eli

  • $182.00

Native American Art - 100% Authentic Zuni Fetish - Large carved Fishrock (Serpentine) Sea Otter with Black Onyx eyes. This is a fetish full of character and finely carved by Zuni/Hawaiian artist Keli'i Eli.

Otter is playful and represents laughter and curiosity. Otter represents the balanced female side.

Serpentine balances moods and encourages the ability to solve conflicts by peaceful means. It calms the spirit.

Artist: Keli'i Eli
Stone: Fish Rock, Black Onyx
Size: Approx. 2 1/4" long, 3" tall, 1" wide

We support the arts and aim to spread beauty and abundance with kindness and integrity. ~ And The Crow

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