Navajo Rattle - Native American Art - Navajo Turtle Rattle - Shaman Rattle-Gene George

  • $75.00

Navajo-100% Authentic Native American Navajo Turtle Rattle - Shaman Rattle by Navajo artist Gene George.

Antiqued Navajo Turtle Shell Rattle decorated with feather, leather, bead and horsehair. Branch handle and leather loop for hanging.

Fully Functional Rattle

Turtle Shell measures approx 4 3/4 x 5 3/4", Rattle measures 14" long (not including hanging loop).

The Turtle represents Mother Earth and signifies good health and long life. To the Navajo, the turtle represents life-giving water.

Collector card included.

We support the arts and aim to spread beauty and abundance with kindness and integrity. ~ And The Crow

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