Navajo Authentic Ceramic Horsehair Pottery - Ceramic WEDDING VASE-Geri Vale

  • $50.00

Native American 100% Authentic Navajo Pottery-Navajo Made Fine Etched Horsehair Wedding Vase by Geri Vali. Beautiful etched design.

A Wedding Vase is a vessel still used in traditional Pueblo wedding ceremonies. One spout of the vessel represents the husband and the other the wife. The looped handle represents the unity achieved with marriage. The space created within the loop represents the circle of life. In a traditional ceremony the couple drink from the spouts to represent the blending of their lives.

Size: Approx. 7 3/4" tall, 4 1/2" wide

Collector card included.

Horse Hair Pottery gets its name and distinctive look from the use of horse hair (mane and tail) added to the clay. It is said that horse hair pottery was first discovered by a pueblo artisan whose long hair blew up against new pottery she was removing from a hot kiln. The hair stuck to the pot and quickly carbonized. She was so taken by the beautiful design that she copied it using hairs from a horse's tail.

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