Native American Zuni Fetish Carving-Pipestone Etched BADGER-Spirit Animal-Adrian Cachini

  • $38.00

Native American Zuni Fetish Carving - 100% Authentic Zuni Fetish - Badger carved from Pipestone with Turquoise eyes. Carving has etched bear paw and feather designs and Turquoise power spot.Badgers are the guardians of the south. Badger is independent and is sought out for healing based upon knowledge of herbs.

Pipestone can offer us assistance when we need to sort things out or get to the bottom of things.

Artist: Adrian Cachini
Stone: Pipestone, Turquoise
Size: Approx. 1 7/8" long, 1/2" tall, 1" wide

Collector card included.

We support the arts and aim to spread beauty and abundance with kindness and integrity. ~ And The Crow

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