Native American Zuni Fetish Carving-Dolomite SUNFACE FROG-Spirit Animal-Danette Laate

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Native American Zuni Fetish Carving - 100% Authentic Zuni Fetish - Small Frog fetish carved from Dolomite with Turquoise eyes and power spots. Inlaid stone Sunface overlaid on back. Stones in Sunface include Turquoise, Coral, and Jet.

Frog is able to petition the spirits to bring forth abundant rain. Frogs are associated with abundance.

Dolomite encourages energetic thinking, original thinking, spontaneity, creativity, and manifestation.

The Zuni Sunface represents the Sun Father and shows the Sun with a split forehead down the middle to reflect the eternal balance between sunrise and sunset. The Turquoise represents oneness between the physical and spiritual realms and the Coral offers protection and comfort.

Artist: Danette Laate
Stone: Dolomite, Turquoise, Coral, Jet
Size: Approx. 1 3/8" long, 3/8" tall, 1" wide

Collector card included with each fetish.

We support the arts and aim to spread beauty and abundance with kindness and integrity. ~ And The Crow

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