Native American Pottery-Red Clay Pottery-Jemez Pueblo Pottery-Handmade FRIENDSHIP POT-Tim Tosa

  • $74.00

Native American Pottery - 100% Authentic Jemez Pueblo Pottery - Jemez Pueblo red clay pottery - Traditional Friendship Pot sculpture with four women sitting around the pot. Pot has beautiful hand painted design. Handmade and hand painted. Signed by artist on bottom.

Friendship Pot - During rainy days, before running water, Pueblo people would take pottery pots outside for water. After a rain shower, friends would gather around the Rain Pot to see how much water was gathered, sometimes holding hands or just facing each other, talking, laughing, sharing love and harmony of the way of life.

Artist: Tim Tosa
Size: 5 1/2" round (including women), 1 3/4" high

Collector card included.

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