Native American Art-Handmade Hopi/Laguna CORN MAIDEN KACHINA with Tabletta - Ray Jose

  • $265.00

Native American Art - 100% Authentic Hopi/Laguna Corn Maiden Kachina - Stunning Corn Maiden Kachina finely hand carved from wood with a Tabletta on her head. Meticulously hand painted. Vibrant and ornate, the Kachina stands on a colorful round base. Signed on bottom by artist.

Corn Maiden is the Grandmother of Sun and Light. The Corn Maiden brings the power of life to the people. As the corn is given life by the sun, the Corn Maiden brings the fire of the sun into the human bodies, making them as the creator designed them to be.

Artist: Ray Jose (Gai-Nah-Ne)
Size: Approx. 11" tall, on a 4" x 4 1/2" base

Collector card included.

We support the arts and aim to spread beauty and abundance with kindness and integrity. ~ And The Crow

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