Native American Jewelry-Ute-Sterling Silver Tufa Cast Cuff Bracelet-FLUTE PLAYER Design - Anthony Bowman

  • $320.00

Native American Sterling Silver Jewelry - 100% Authentic Ute Jewelry - Outstanding sterling silver Tufa cast cuff bracelet by Ute artisan Anthony Bowman. Bracelet has a flute player on one side. Marked with artist's hallmark.

Artist: Anthony Bowman
Size: Bracelet measures: inside circumference is 5 1/2" plus a 1" opening (6 1/2" total), 1 1/8" wide

In the late 1800’s Navajo artisans developed casting from tufa stone for jewelry making. Tufa jewelry molds are hand-carved from tufa stone - a porous volcanic stone found in the American Southwest. Tufa stone is fragile and molds often only produce one piece of jewelry. If a mold lasts and is used more than once, the next pieces of jewelry to come from the mold will have variations from the first piece because of stone disintegration. Tufa stone is porous and jewelry cast from tufa stone produces a distinctive look. Each piece of tufa jewelry is a unique one-of-a-kind work of art.

Collector card included.

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