Native American Jewelry-Santo Domingo/Kewa Pueblo-Handmade Natural Multi-Stone Bead Necklace-Rudy and Mary Coriz

  • $290.00

Native American Jewelry - 100% Authentic Santo Domingo/Kewa Pueblo Stone Jewelry - Stunning handmade (each bead is hand cut and polished) natural multi-stone necklace with slightly graduated hand cut stone beads. Stones include Turquoise, Serpentine, Lapis, Pipestone, Apple Coral, Melon Shell, and Jet. Top is finished with a Sterling Silver clasp. This is a handmade work of art from Santo Domingo artists Rudy and Mary Coriz.

Artist: Rudy and Mary Coriz
Size: Necklace measures 18" long-largest beads measure approx. 1/2" round

Rudy & Mary Coriz live in Santo Domingo Pueblo in New Mexico. Rudy is a self taught jeweler and has been perfecting his jewelry style for over 45 years. Rudy and Mary's mosaic inlay is easily identifiable by the tight and clean inlay of gems and minerals.

Collector card included.

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