Native American Pottery-Hopi Handmade Pottery-Hand Coiled Pot with Moth Design-Adelle Nampeyo

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Native American Pottery - 100% Authentic Hopi hand coiled pot in the Sikyatki Style by Hopi potter Adelle Nampeyo. Natural clay pot with hand painted traditional Hopi Moth design. Pot is signed on bottom by artist.

Artist: Adelle Nampeyo
Size: approx. 4" diameter, 3" tall

Adelle Nampeyo was born into the Hopi Nation in 1959. She is one of the great granddaughters of the famous "Nampeyo", know for reviving the ancient style of pottery called Sikyatki. All of her materials are natural and she hand coils her pottery in the traditional way.

Sikyatki is an archaeological site and former Hopi village spanning 40,000 to 60,000 square metres on the eastern side of the First Mesa, which is now Navajo Country, in the state of Arizona. The village was inhabited by Kokop clan of the Hopi from the 14th to 17th century. Jesse Walter Fewkes led a Smithsonian Institution funded excavation of the site in 1895. Many well-preserved ceramic shards were found. The designs on shards inspired the artist Nampeyo, sparking the Sikyatki revival in pottery.

Collector card included.

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